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Below is a selection of some of my recent images.
Larger versions of most of these pics can be found in the Photo Albums.

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Sunset at Jacks Point. (1)

Sunset at Jacks Point.
In the Landscapes gallery.

1949 Mercury 2

John Bevin's beautiful 1949 Mercury.
Larger images in the 1949 Mercury Mini Series.

The Tree, Lake Wanaka sm

The Tree, Lake Wanaka.
I know this is the most photographed tree in NZ, but I was there, I had my camera, The Tree didn't seem to be suffering from shutter-shock, so I took a photo. I can't see any similar shots on Google Images, so I think I'm reasonably safe here.
Larger version in the Black and White Gallery.

Into the mist - Macetown track (1)

Crossing the Arrow River on the Macetown 4WD track.
In the Off-Road 4WDing and Cars Gallery.

Macetown Bakery

The restored Macetown Bakery.
In the Buildings Gallery.

Winter Festival Fireworks 2014 (1)

Queenstown Winter Festival fireworks.
In the Everything Else Gallery.

Shotover River Bridge, Queenstown

Shotover River Bridge at dusk.
In the Landscapes Gallery.

Queenstown's first snowfall of winter 2014, May 26, and a visiting couple marvel at the crisp image of The Remarkables from The Gardens.
Larger image in Landscapes.

Mini Series
The Mini Series are photos I have taken where there aren't enough images for a separate album.
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Australasian Crested GrebeSunset over Lake Wakatipu

1949 Mercury 2

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