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Lakes District Museum Arrowtown (1)

Lakes District Museum, Arrowtown. In the Buildings, Houses etc Gallery.

Arrow River Track in Winter (1)

The Arrow River Track in Winter.
Larger pic here, in the B&W Gallery.

Peony Poppy sm

Peony Poppy - 2015 Otago Wildlife Photography Competition winner in the Plant Category. Tech details if you are interested…photographed in a light tent, two flashes, Nikon D7100 and 50mm f1.8 lens at f8.

A sort of triptych I suppose, but in one image. From the early stage to the full bloom and then the seed head. Superbly grown by Cheryl from seeds supplied by her friend Linda. We are now looking forward to growing the black flower this summer - stay tuned!
A larger pic here in the Flora and Fauna Gallery.

3 Waxeyes sm

Waxeyes come down from the bush when snow is due, or it’s going to get really cold. These three characters were enjoying a bowl of sugar-water. Larger pic in the Flora and Fauna Gallery.

Tui 3

Tuis R Us.
This beautiful Tui was photographed at Jill and Bill’s place, Kelvin Heights, Queenstown. 
Larger image here in the Flora and Fauna gallery.

Takahe at Orokonui Eco Sanctuary sm

Takahe at Orokonui Eco Sanctuary, Dunedin. Go there, absolutely amazing.
More pics here in the Flora and Fauna gallery,  there’s also some friendly Tuis as well.

Arrowtown Autumn Colours

Even Mother Nature has her favourites. Every autumn, Arrowtown amazes with an incredible display. Larger image in the Landscapes Gallery.

Harley Davidsons rumble into Arrowtown

1450 - yes, that's one thousand, four hundred and fifty (approx) Harley Davidsons rumble into Arrowtown as part of the Iron Run Event, March 21, 2015.
Here's a few pics.

Mini Series
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Australasian Crested GrebeSunset over Lake Wakatipu

Star 5
1949 Mercury 2

Kodak Retina 1
DSC 0614

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